Endless music visualizations

Put your NFTs on their best display: tune the music you love into a curated NFT playlist on the multiplai stage.

  • Your NFTs become the star of the show.
  • Creative coders contribute code that brings the scene to life.
  • Curators create Playlists to match everything together.
Testimonial 01
“ multiplai is an amazing new venue for people to view and interact with my work. “
—0xbeade, NFT Artist
Testimonial 02
“ multiplai lets me put my incredible collection on vibrant display. “
—cryptopunk kingpin, NFT Collector
Testimonial 03
“ I love seeing my designs at work alongside other tremendous artists, and being on stage with DJs and bands. “
—mrgreen, multiplai builder
Testimonial 04
“ I'm always ahead of the curve, and people love my taste. multiplai lets me big flex. “
—Lisa Champ, multiplai curator